MP Pat Kelly Tables Motion to Study CRA Duty of Care to Taxpayers

OTTAWA – Pat Kelly, Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge, introduced a motion asking Parliament to increase protection for Canadian companies and individuals. The motion directs the Standing Committee on Finance to study and report to the House of Commons on the steps to create a duty of care owed by the Canada Revenue Agency to taxpayers.

“Simply put, establishing a duty of care from CRA to Canadians means that CRA and its employees must avoid frivolous, vexatious, malicious, and/or grossly negligent actions toward taxpayers,” Mr. Kelly said today.

“CRA performs a vital role in Canada. Although no one especially likes paying taxes, we all know how important they are. But we all want to be treated fairly,” Mr. Kelly continued. “Although CRA does an exemplary job as a tax collection agency, we have all heard stories of it inadvertently ruining someone’s life through a mistake. Establishing a duty of care would give Canadians a legally enforceable way to ensure that CRA takes care with their files. It would also give them a claim to be made whole again in the case of abuse.”

“By sending the matter to Finance Committee to study, Parliament will be able to hear from experts and stakeholders: from accountants, tax lawyers, companies, individuals, and CRA representatives. This should result in a well-reasoned bill to protect Canadians without crippling the CRA.”

Mr. Kelly concluded by saying, “Increased protection for taxpayers helps all Canadians, regardless of political party or philosophy. I look forward to working with colleagues from all parties to pass this motion.”