Disability Tax Credit

For months, the Minister of National Revenue has been denying diabetics’ applications for the Disability Tax Credit, even when their doctors have certified that they are eligible under the law.  Despite repeatedly claiming that the process had not changed, today the government announced that it would revert to using the pre-May 2017 interpretation of Life Sustaining Therapy and begin reviewing denied applications, confirming that in fact a change had taken place under the Minister’s watch.

The Minister needs to apologize for misleading Canadians and for refusing Type 1 diabetics benefits they are entitled to. The Minister must take responsibility for her shameful handling of this file, restore the pre-May 2017 DTC approval process, and stop trying to raise taxes on vulnerable Canadians to pay for the Liberals’ out-of-control spending.

For more information: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/politics/cra-may-memo-committee-1.4439173