Liberals Must Address Issues with CRA Call Centres

November 21, 2017

OTTAWA, ON – Pat Kelly, Conservative Shadow Minister for National Revenue and Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge, today issued the following statement in response to the Auditor General’s report which found that the Canada Revenue Agency is failing to provide timely and accurate information to Canadians:

“Today, we learned that the Prime Minister’s tax collection agency only answered 36% of incoming calls, while blocking 29 million calls from Canadians. Worse still, 30% of the time the agency couldn’t even provide an accurate response! Canadians who have questions about Justin Trudeau’s new tax hikes on Canadians living with diabetes, parents who enroll their kids in soccer and piano lessons, and of course, his tax hike on local businesses deserve real answers. ‎

“When I introduced a motion to give the Taxpayers Bill of Rights real teeth, the government claimed that it was ‘a solution in search of a problem, a problem which does not exist’. Clearly that is not the case.

“Justin Trudeau’s adding insult to injury when he hikes taxes on middle-class Canadians, and then allows his tax collectors to ignore or mislead the very people‎ being forced to pay for his $100 billion deficit.

“Conservatives will continue to call on the Liberals to investigate and correct this disservice to taxpayers. Canadians deserve better from their government.”