MP Pat Kelly Listens to Small Business Owners about Proposed Tax Changes

Calgary, AB: Pat Kelly, Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge hosted roundtable discussions with local small business owners on Friday, September 15, 2017 to discuss recently proposed tax changes. Individuals offered their perspective on how proposed tax changes will affect them and their customers.

At the meeting, retiree Dennis Seidlitz stated, “Small business owners are not exploiting “loopholes,” they are following current tax law. For a very significant number of small business owners, their company is their pension. It is profoundly unfair to change the rules half way through the game.”

The roundtable meetings were held at the Crowfoot Business Centre to:

  • Inform small businesses about proposed tax changes
  • Discuss the impact the tax changes may have on various small businesses
  • Listen to business owners to hear how the proposed tax changes will affect them
  • Provide an opportunity for small business owners to share concerns about how the tax changes may affect their livelihood

Feedback was gathered and compiled into a report which will be provided to the Liberal government. Written comments will be accepted for inclusion in the report until September 22, 2017.