June Message

My Conservative caucus colleagues and I, along with our staff, have worked hard throughout the pandemic to assist constituents to access various supports as they became available. Now that many businesses are able to resume their activities and the overall economy begins to strengthen, many Calgary Rocky Ridge residents will be in a better position to earn a living and feel comfortable doing so, perhaps in an adjusted environment.

Over the past few months, I have received many, many phone calls and email messages from people who needed assistance accessing support benefits, those who are concerned about the economy, and constituents who have identified shortcomings of the Government’s response to the crisis. To those who have taken the time to communicate with me, thank you. I have taken much of this feedback to Ottawa, and it has helped the Conservative Opposition to constructively propose solutions.

Although the Opposition called for the full return of Parliament, with limited numbers of MPs meeting in a safe and responsible way, the current arrangement falls far short. The Government still refuses to allow for Opposition Days (potentially used for confidence motions), votes, Government Bills, Private Members Bills, Emergency Debates, the publication of government documents, or debate and votes on committee reports that address the current crisis.

While this situation is far from ideal, we are pleased that the Government finally agreed to more in-person Question Period sessions. We will use our time to ask the many questions Canadians want answers to and will highlight the many ways the government has failed them. In a crisis, oversight is extremely important, and taxpayers deserve to know how the Government is spending their money.

Please continue to reach out to my office with comments and concerns. You may do so by email, pat.kelly@parl.gc.ca, or by telephone, 403-282-7980. I realize many constituents continue to struggle. My best wishes and encouragement to everyone during the summer months.