Feedback Regarding Proposed Tax Changes

Since the announcement on July 18, 2017, many people have contacted me regarding the Liberal Government’s proposal to raise taxes through changes to the taxation of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. I have received hundreds of messages from small business owners who are concerned about their investments, their succession plans, their potentially reduced incomes, and in some cases, the viability of their business.
Many business owners feel attacked, insulted, and being accused of dishonesty.
This month I have attended roundtable meetings and townhalls in three provinces where the message has been similar.
Since the House of Commons resumed I have personally raised opposition to the proposed changes in both Question Period and at meetings of the Standing Committee on Finance.
I encourage you to submit your concerns to the Department of Finance before October 2 at: and to copy me at
I have a lengthy background in small business and I am very familiar with how these proposed changes will affect thousands of small business families, their employees, and consumers.
I will continue to vigorously oppose these proposed changes.