CRA Service Standards Consultations: Too Little, Too Late

Pat Kelly, Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge and Official Opposition Shadow Minister for National Revenue, responded today to the announcement that the Canada Revenue Agency has opened public consultations on its service standards.

“While Conservatives welcome these consultations, we are disappointed that the Minister waited three and half years to launch them, despite being instructed in her mandate letter to ensure the Canada Revenue Agency is focused on service.”

Mr. Kelly continued, “This government ran on making CRA more client-focused, yet it has spent the past three years hanging up on the majority of callers to its call centres, giving out incorrect information, denying the disability tax credit to disabled Canadians who previously qualified, clawing back the Child Benefit from single parents, and increasing wait times for simple adjustments. They have also repeatedly considered various new schemes to nickel and dime Canadians such as taxing employee discounts and employee health benefits. After all of these failures, the Liberals have just realized that they should directly ask Canadians what needs fixing at the CRA.”

“I encourage Canadians to participate in the consultations, to give candid feedback on your interactions with CRA, and to share your comments directly with the Minister,” he concluded.

You may provide feedback on CRA service standards until June 18th, at their public consultation website.

2019-04-25 – CRA Service Standards Consultations: Too Little, Too Late