Spring 2023 Issues Update

In this issue you will find information about bills C-11, C-18 and C-27, regulating the internet legislation. It’s time to get serious about Canada’s economy. The government continues its wasteful spending, raising taxes, and refusing to cancel the carbon tax. for more information click here:

Tips for your 2022 Taxes

Tips for your 2022 Taxes  —  I hope this guide helps. Please note this is not a comprehensive list, nor is it tax advice: for more information visit the Canada Revenue Agency website or seek professional advice.

Spring 2023 Parliamentary Preview

Includes information about: Bill C-235 (directs the federal government to establish a federal framework on “Building a Green Prairie Economy” Liberals’ Failing Crime Strategy Travel Chaos Proposed Purchase of Shaw by Rogers Is Canada Broken? November 30 Remarks on Affordable Energy Spring 2023 – Parliamentary Preview