Canada’s Recovery Plan

Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, my Conservative colleagues and I are working to secure the future and get Canadians back to work. I invite you to take a moment to read about our top five priorities.

Canadians deserve certainty, clarity, and competence from their government. You and your family deserve a real plan for the challenges we face today.

  • Secure Jobs by recovering the 1 million jobs lost during the pandemic within one year.
  • Secure Accountability by enacting the toughest accountability and transparency laws in Canada’s history.
  • Secure Mental Health through our Canada Mental Health Action Plan.
  • Secure Our Country by creating a strategic stockpile of essential products and building the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home.
  • Secure Canada’s Economy by balancing the budget over the next decade. Canadians need a plan to safely reopen the economy so we can get back to work.

Securing our economy will mean jobs and growth in every sector in every part of the country. That is exactly what my Conservative colleagues and I are focused on.

Read more detail here: Canada’s Recovery Plan